When I fall in the brink of insanity
I’m lost and can’t find myself, I’ve fallen.
I need help, but that seems a distant dream,
The attention given to my mistakes blurs my need for help.

No matter how much the raven speaks, it’s wings…
They’re broken, it can no longer fly.
Only legs to explore the world, it’s all nightmare,
From below the heavens, it all seems hell.

Birds can only see and hope, as the sun shuts down.
The demons of the earth reveal the agony of loss.
Earth creatures see and attack, the moons glow shines,
Only a show of the blood drawn from this creature.

Oh heavens, why must magnificence die,
To live and fall, only to see the end with broken wings.
Broken hope, when death approaches the blood becomes…
Wings fall and rot, only to be replaced by claws and fangs.

And as the cycle enters the last round,
Agony once more turned into strength, into new hope.
The raven died, but from it’s corpse a beast was born,
Hell becomes it’s kingdom and predators it’s prey.

New hope, new beginnings, new life.


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