Giving up on love.

As I’m living I can’t help but realize that although most of us as human individuals, considered to be natural social species seek love and only think of looking for that ideal partner.

I’ve been through many philosophies and experiences for my ‘age’, from moving states and cities often, from exploring different cultures when travelling with my parents, from relating to as many groups of individuals as I could, eventually only to notice that the expansion of my being has brought nothing but mere solitude and exclusion.

Perhaps out of all these things, my biggest realizations have told me to give up on romantic love and give it up for good. I’ve come to notice that some people, no matter how much they desire it, can’t love or can’t be loved. Of course I do believe that there is no shallowness behind seeking aesthetic beauty but not feeling like you’re designed to be loved can only help so much when seeking transcendence. I’m still human and these basic ‘needs’ as we call them still apply to my person, but I’m striving to become something that transcends needs and ‘natural’ behavior for I don’t believe in standards, only accepted currents.

My experiences have made me give up on this concept called “romantic love” and although to many this seems ridiculous or mad, I believe from the bottom of my being it’s the correct thing to do for I wasn’t meant to be loved.


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