I like to consider myself a philosopher and writer among other things I relate to. But even I among the irregulars am a contradiction to popular beliefs and new age philosophies which seem to have become a predominant status amongst the modern public.

I studied and followed these philosophies at some point, became attached to them and for some time thought of them as the only truth, I thought love and light was all that should be considered and those who disagreed were ‘sheep’ as we’d come to know them in spiritual groups.

Over the time however I entered a state of being, where I felt there was more so I initiated a journey to what I like to call Transcendence. I pursued deeper understanding behind emotions, thoughts, truth and sentient nature, with the journey I managed to put at peace all my emotions, I became an empty vessel where I had none.

This journey brought to me the detachment of everything and as unbelievable as it may sound, my need for food, my need for companionship, my need for love and happiness, it all vanished. My body entered a state of pure emptiness, as time passed the lack of emotions was evident and my mind was processing thoughts at a much higher speed without biased concepts of duality perception.

I now currently believe there is no dual concepts such as good or bad, right or wrong, light or dark, morals, or other preconceived notions of something. To me, all opposite sides of the spectrum are nothing but different branches from the same tree, neither better or worse than the other just the same whole with an illusion of difference and separation.

I eventually had to re-attach to a more common standard in order to function properly in society, but ever since that event I could no longer fully return. If you follow my post you will see extreme unconventionality and opposing points of view. Nevertheless all subjective and in no way right or wrong.


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