I’m at my local coffee shop and as I take a sip from my coffee I ponder the idea that I really have no plan, and the plans that I thought I had were actually not of my own, they were fed to me by my supervisors and parents. Go to College, get a degree in a well paying field and work hard so you can be ‘happy’ and ‘successful’.

Well over the years, my life experiences have taught me many things and one of those things that naturally protrudes from my mind is that “Nothing is predictable” and “Things don’t always go as planned”. After doing extensive research and trying to find other ways that I can call my own, I discovered the unconventional path of subject experience rather than academic titles.

So I now have decided I wont be pursuing college, it really isn’t a thing for most but it can work for some, for me personally it’s not an option. My goal in life rather than make a living is to create and as a creator I like to consider myself an entrepreneur. To me life is about Business and Investing, talk about financial freedom, nothing worthy comes without struggles.

So I’ve decided that rather than spend over 4 years of college with debts over 50,000 dlls, I’ll manage my time and exchange it for experience, money and opportunities because to me life is about understanding and being faithful to what you believe is your reason be or live, It’s painful to be outside norms because all you think is company fades as you leave the path most want you take.

My parents, my friends, all companionship but my owns is gone. They don’t encourage my vision, they don’t provide support and the when you’re in a lonely place all you have is yourself. It’s not selfish to focus on yourself, I think the most important relationship you can have is the one you have with yourself and when you’re looking to go nowhere, that’s all you will ever really need so be faithful to yourself, learn to live and be one with what you are.


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