Hey everyone, today I will show what a human is.

Keep reading and you will see my message of the day.

I’m Lexus Fox, a relatively young adult with the mind of an old person as they like to say, humanity is more than dreams and aspirations, what most forget is that humanity is especially vulnerability, which is a trait we’ve neglected in this current society as we consider it to be weakness. Well, you can’t appreciate much if you live believing everything is stationary and unchangeable, most beautiful existence is in itself vulnerable to an extent, the beauty of flying, the beauty of growing up and the beauty of life itself is vulnerable.

Today I’ve come to the point where everything, all notions and ideas, goals, and predetermined paths have broken completely, news flash Lexus, this is life. I pondered the idea of giving up, life is painful but the fact that I’m willing to give up everything served to me as a realization or epiphany, when you lose everything and have nothing, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. As cliché as this may sound it’s very true and though we realize this rarely act upon it.

Life is short, and so I’ve decided to keep going because I’m here to achieve greatness, sure I’ve fallen many times but the secret to any type of success is to get up many more times no matter how much you’re suffering. Keep going, don’t avoid or cover up your obstacles, devour them whole and raw, become a force so unstoppable that not even death can bring you down.


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