Humanity will cease to exist when humanity transcends it’s boundries.

I want to use words to simply paint a picture, it’s fun to write and make not all the sense you want to make, but create an abstract picture on those that read the words you’ve written to allow a feeling. But there’s something I want to share.

All life in earth, all life anywhere, life in all, what people see from what they call “TV’s” is not life, but it is not a lie either. Movies with plots that make our souls jump and think outside ourselves for perhaps once, with stories that we do not live yet feel as if it were real. All that is, all concept learned from these things we call TV’s are only a version already explained from eyes that we feel are we, but are not.

When all human concept is taken out of place, when all human concept is taken out of grace, imperfection loses beauty and vision is lost truly. All that we hear, all that we see, when see from afar, behind that screen is not the beauty we see when humanity is you or me. It’s the excuse behind a barrier, the excuse behind us being foul, humans are imperfect that’s no mistery but romanticizing all does make harm for it is an excuse for the limitation we imply.

Pretentious existence when we think we are excused from mediocrity and our species as they stay fall, not today, not right now, but eventually all this foul vision will bring us not the beauty that we were shown but the destruction that we hid behind that beautiful image inside that show.

We will rise, when we fall.


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