How Vague Words are, how it Shifts.

I’m not sure what to write but I will write anyway, that’s kind of what I do everytime I have something inside me that I can’t see, I write vaguely for a while and after a few sentences words pour down just like the river finds the sea, naturally.

With such ease I find meaningless everywhere, I create branches trying to give meaning and although giving meaning to things is easy, it seems superficial and no where near an actual absolute. All I see is what I want to see, nothing reliable, nothing viable, all but an extension of what fits my subconscious mind to live, and when I break these barriers I lose what I call sanity, all it takes is a bit of effort, a bit of thinking, a bit of coffee sometimes.

I live by time, all progressively in a linear manner, although time seems linear, it’s random spirals intersecting each other and that is my mind, past, present, future and the concepts within time I have no knowledge of, it’s chaos, the misunderstanding of cause and effect, I feel so primitive, I feel so incomplete, and I cringe at the idea of the actual me, it is not what I am, I know.

The only absolute I hold is there is no absolutes, creating in my conclusion a pardox that feeds from me every chance it can, my existential understanding, all but primitive thoughts from a primitive species with superiority complex, not nearly as worthy as it should be accounted for, and yet this feeling of success feels so supreme and real, I differ, I know our race is not master, not complete, we have work to do I believe, realms not even part of our vision spectrum lying right in front of us and if the possibility surged then we would be able to create like the gods most of us worship.

The potential of humanity, lies in constant change, a change that does not stop in absolutes and does not stop in egotistical thinking, individuality to serve collectiveness. A world where we think individually as an I to help the We.

The Human Race is but the past of a Master Race that we will become when we rid ourselves from this attachment we consider absolute and prime.


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