I think that the power of individuality has become our greatest flaw, when one lives with legs and doesn’t walk, a possible virtue can deteriorate and die.
The ability to think for ourselves and learn to create connections has been used for the self, and that can lead to many things but the self in realization raises more questions than answers, one can have a Vision, but without the group, the Vision cannot be born.

An individual throughout history has made our whole what it is today, what people fail to realize is the importance of sacrifice, things cannot be led by all, and all have to become nothing at one point to keep a cycle of new Visions to lead our travel into the improvement of the whole, one must understand this concept because this is the concept that will lead our species to success and evolution.

If the species thought of a common purpose, perhaps the purpose of Progress and Prosperity, then our differences would become our strengths, and this would end all dispute to bigotry and harmful competitiveness, we can be different, but let us work together to make good use of this virtue, let it not deteriorate and die, but for our current structure to be molded into a better future we must repeat a common event that occurs through out history, have chaos and new beginnings will emerge, dark and hard at first but bright and hopeful later.

We live with the power of creation, our Vision must become an action, ย and that action become human success.


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