When we’re young most of us dream of that day where we will be considered adults, we want to experience the liberty and wide variety of options this stage provides to us, many unaware of what this stage drags along, whether it be responsibilities, obligations, or essentially things that require a huge amount of will power to accomplish.

When we become young adults, many if not most realize that the life behind the young self, for the most part a student if this description applies, required no significant decision making as the options and outcomes of our consequences where small in comparison. We struggled, and fell in “negative” emotions, yes, but we didn’t know first hand what it was like to have the amount of freedom adults have.
With this being said, it’s easy to remember and empathize with that scene in the Spider Man movie, “With great power, comes great responsibility.” The irony behind this is that the quote is presented by a fairly old individual, all but giving more validity to this quote as the experience was most likely lived in first person.

Experiences and age do not go hand by hand, there are individuals of great age with a very erratic and/or unstable behavior, “childish” some might say. Then there are individuals with young age that present what some know as an “old soul” behavior and although the experiences may be limited, or perhaps not necessarily, the perspective in which one carries an existential outlook lies more within the individuals capacity to observe and experience an event. This ability given to some only with the pass of time.
Perhaps age might not be as simple as we might think, the traditional definition and connotation behind this word have no space for what I have come to find about the subjective nature of human individuals, in a year a person can age at the same rate of 3 years physiologically while not aging a single year cognitively by common standards, or on the contrary a person can age no years at all physiologically while aging 3 years cognitively.

There are so many factors that ones reasoning is blind to, and no matter how well defined ones reasoning prowess is considered to be, the infinite amount of factors behind events and situations cannot be observed by our biological capabilities and limitations, we are blind to simple facts regarding our personas that our judgement is in a constant state of clouded deception. Yes, we need to think highly of ourselves, we need to feel wanted, we need to feel happy, we need to be someone, much so that our culture revolves in glorifying these attributes by calling them “human” in nature, but if one puts enough thought into this fact, one can see why to an old figure none of this becomes essential to life or existence. Giving to someone the ability to acknowledge that perhaps the only way to “see” without self-deception or to others, be “happy” is to know that we don’t need to be something or someone, we already are something and someone, whether that something or someone has the value we consider or whether it’s relevant or not is another topic for another post.

There is so much that I didn’t talk about, and so much that I had to summarize, but in a few last and conclusive words, the beauty about aging to me is the definition time can give to a persona, making conversations and sometimes just the presence involving an old person interesting and enjoyable. The more time passes by the more I seem to lose what makes me human, and the more I seem to lose interest in events and people, but as a personal blog I will also cover that topic for another post if my viewers are interested. Also, I hope everyone had a great December like I hope everyone has a great New Years celebration, enjoy the moments!


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